Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I was curious to why people people pay so much money to have their site ranked high with Google, Bing, etc. So I started digging into SEO, my name was below all of the popular social media websites. Too bad that I didn’t have an image to show you. After a month of learning how SEO works, as you can see below, I am listed on top.

seo ranking

Here is my strategy:

It’s easy as that. Stop sweating about SEO.

According to, “The vast majority of visitors to your site will not return. No matter how many visitors your site averages a day, the ratio of return visits, to new visits, is typically at least 5:1 and often much higher.” My question is: What is point of getting people to your site if you don’t have them take some kind of action? That’s what I saw from most site I visited. I hope this help you to rethink about your site design.

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